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Dedicated surface structure: SD
A striking deep turquoise shade. Cool, faded, with a touch of grey, evoking the freshness and depth of the ocean. It goes well with light, cool wood tones and with grey and dark stones, with which it creates Nordic-style compositions.
Jednolity dekor ATLANTYK U18074 marki Pfleiderer w kolorze lazurowym o lekko łupkowo-szarych odcieniach
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Fragment of the décor 100 x 150 mm
Jednobarwny dekor marki Pfleiderer ATLANTYK U18074 w odcieniu cyjano-niebieskim z lazurowym tonem
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Fragment of the décor 1000 x 1270 mm
The décor appears in the collection:
  • Mood Stories
Reflection Value NCS RAL
0,21 S5020-B10G
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