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Pfleiderer's wood-based materials are available in an almost unlimited variety of looks, thanks to our unique decors. They can add a splash of colour or are incredibly realistic reproductions of natural materials – thanks to the Pfleiderer collections your ideas and projects will become exceptional and unigue!

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Plain, wood, stone and creative -

collections for all areas of use
Pfleiderer offers a large selection of decors and different styles, so that we can also offer you the right design for your next project

Authenticity often depends on nuances. Pfleiderer's experts are fully aware of this – and therefore pay particular attention to quality when they develop new decors. The collection is regularly updated to match the latest industrial, furniture and interior outfitting trends. For our wood, stone and creative decors, we also rely on state-of-the-art reproduction technology in order to ensure realistic patterns, precise directions and therefore an overall well-balanced surface repeat. To make it easier for you to choose, we have also compiled special collections for some of our products in order to illustrate which are best for the various areas of use.

More than just beautiful on the surface -

Our system unites look, feel and engineering
Sample materials from Pfleiderer show you the large selection of our decor worlds and make your decision easier

Enjoy the wide choice offered by Pfleiderer's product range in full – with our system, which makes it possible to combine decors, textures and core materials with almost unlimited flexibility! It allows you to create the perfect basis for matching decor solutions for all trades – regardless of whether the elements will be installed horizontally, vertically, play a functional or a load-bearing role or are simply decorative.