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Surface textures -

Creativity you can feel

Pfleiderer's wood-based materials not only look unique; our surface textured finishes also have a unique feel. They give every surface an exceptional character that perfectly matches the finish thanks to our extensive choice and therefore makes an important contribution to appealing to all senses!

And now completely new: With the 3D viewer for our surface textures you can experience the visual appearance of our product variety even better online.


Ideas with depth -

Surface textures enhance the design language

In the area of wood-based materials, quality means that the surface texture also has to meet the most discerning requirements. With selected textures, Pfleiderer ensures that the overall impression is perfect: our 34 different subtly or strikingly textured finishes are bound to include the surface finish you are looking for. From wood pores that are identical to those of real wood to high gloss, pearl and handmade paper or creative textures, we offer the perfect designs for vertical and horizontal surfaces – that go perfectly with our finishes!

Perfect harmony -

Our DST system unites look, feel and engineering
Pfleiderer offers a large selection of surface textures, so that we can also offer you the right design for your next project

The rules of good design also apply to surface textures: great on their own, even better in combination! Fourteen laminate surface textures ensure that you will find the right core material and finish combination to make it easy for you to realise your ideas fast and with reliable results.

More than just beautiful on the surface -

Surface textures with added bonus
A suitable surface for every project - even with special requirements

Pfleiderer has developed surface textures for wood-based materials for decades – and impresses with special features that bring a unique added value to your projects. "Illusion" is a prime example: a textured HPL that gives an unparalleled impression of visual depth and adds impact particularly to uniform, plain-coloured finishes. Another good example is the anti-bacterial Microplus® surface, an unusual finish with a proven anti-bacterial performance that is particularly suitable for interiors that are subject to stringent hygiene requirements.

Our range of themed surface textures -

Tactile results
Surface texture groups from Pfleiderer, for your inspirations

To ensure that you don't risk being overwhelmed by our extensive range of surfaces, Pfleiderer has divided them into different surface texture groups. We have allocated our 34 surface textures to various themes – to make it easy for you to get an overview of the stylish overall combinations.