MDF boards are medium density wood fibre boards. They are manufactured with respect for the principles of protecting the natural environment. Due to their utility values, they meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of aesthetics, durability, processing and a wide range of applications in private and public spaces. MDF board is available in raw and lacquered versions.

Due to its qualities, MDF boards find many applications.

  • In the furniture industry, they are used to manufacture furniture, which is an attractive finish to interiors arranged in accordance with current architectural trends. Uniform structure often makes them used in the production of smooth lacquered fronts and milled fronts.
  • MDF boards are successfully used to manufacture skirting boards and door frames.

MDF boards are characterised by a homogeneous density distribution and an extremely smooth surface, which ensures a high comfort of use.

  • MDF boards are easy to work with, so they can be cut and milled without any problems.
  • The product is manufactured in accordance with the EN-622-5 standard.

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