Raw boards made of wood fibres with high design potential

Fibreboards HDF and MDF are very uniform wood-based panels made from fine wood fibres. They are used wherever panel or board materials with homogeneous density distribution and outstanding surface uniformity are required.Fibreboards are made of finely fiberised wood, to which glue and other additives are added and is then pressed into a very uniform, medium density, i.e. MDF, or high-density, i.e. HDF fibreboard. Pfleiderer fibreboards are easy to cut and flexible to work. With an appropriate core recipe, they can also be used in wet rooms or as a soffit for roofs or walls.

HDF and MDF boards are the basis for a visually attractive and technologically advanced implementation.

  • high-quality furniture and interior fixtures and finishes
  • trade fair stand construction/advertising boards
  • partition wall elements
  • furniture backs
  • surface layers for doors
  • soffits for roofs and walls
  • packaging construction
  • etc.

Wide potential for design and implementation

  • design consistency with other materials in the portfolio
  • easy to process
  • variety of properties to suit room requirements