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Duropal HPL SolidColor

Decorative high pressure laminate in standard quality according to EN 438-9:BTS, with uniform colour-through core for the highest demands on aesthetics, functionality and durability. The reverse is sanded ready for gluing.

FSC certificate
PEFC certified
  • Na grafice została umieszczona ikona drzwi, która wskazuje obszar zastosowania produktów marki Pfleiderer


  • Ikona komody widoczna w produktach Pfleiderer z obszaru zastosowania meblarstwo i wykończenie wnętrz

    Furniture construction & interior fitting

  • Ikona obrazuje trzy przekreślone mikroby, przedstawiające właściwości antybakteryjne produktów firmy Pfleiderer


  • Easy care

  • Ikona kieliszka do wina oraz widelca, reprezentująca powierzchnie produktów Pfleiderer, które mogą mieć kontakt z żywnością

    Suitable for contact with food


    • Please observe our processing recommendations (see Downloads).
    • For the production of flat-bonded panels we recommend a symmetric construction. This means both sides should be identical HPL. If backing material (also HPL) is used, there is a risk of bowing.
    • Sufficient conditioning is required prior to installation and assembly. The premises themselves need to be at the normal climatic conditions in which the material will later be used.

    Health and safety

    • Please wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when processing and handling.
    • Provide adequate extraction when splitting/sanding.

    Cleaning and care

    • The surface can be cleaned with water and gentle cleaning agents. To remove stubborn stains, please observe the recommendations in the data sheet ""Cleaning of HPL surfaces"" (


    • Energy recovery in industrial furnaces at temperatures above 700 °C.

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