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Dedicated surface structure: LN
One of the most popular woodgrain decors - classic oak wood with a plank effect in a neutral colouring. Drawing of an oak with prominent sawn incisions. The saw marks run horizontally, giving it an authentic feel. The decor is very versatile and can be used on furniture surfaces of various types.
Dekor Pfleiderer DĄB SONOMA R20128 to deski w klasycznej odsłonie o neutralnym wybarwieniu i widocznych cięciach piły
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Fragment of the décor 100 x 150 mm
Dekor DĄB SONOMA R20128 marki Pfleiderer o klasycznym rysunku drewna w miodowym odcieniu z efektem deskowania
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Fragment of the décor 1000 x 1270 mm
The décor appears in the collection:
  • Mood Stories Comfort Collection
  • Mood Stories
Reflection Value NCS RAL
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