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Dedicated surface structure: NW
Black wood is one of the most popular decorative motifs today. It is perfect for interiors in various styles. The Flammed Wood decor, i.e. tanned, brushed oak, looks as if it was hand-finished – this effect was achieved thanks to a slightly rough, super matt surface. The contrast between the amber background and the blue-anthracite grain allows for creating interesting combinations in interiors.
Dekor FLAMED WOOD R20351 w kolorze czarnego drewna z bursztynowym tłem i niebieskawo-antracytowym usłojeniem - Pfleiderer
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Fragment of the décor 100 x 150 mm
Dekor Pfleiderer FLAMED WOOD R20351 z efektem ręcznego wykończenia o bursztynowym tle i antracytowej powierzchni drewna
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Fragment of the décor 1000 x 1270 mm
The décor appears in the collection:
  • Mood Stories Comfort Collection
  • Mood Stories
Reflection Value NCS RAL
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