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Dedicated surface structure: NW
Very natural oak grain in a warm, honey colouring. Its authenticity is lent by its rich flocked grain. Caramel Oak is a decor that is hard to look away from, which is why it often plays the leading role in an arrangement.
Dekor DĄB KARMEL R20365 firmy Pfleiderer w miodowym odcieniu drewna i fladrowym usłojeniu
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Fragment of the décor 100 x 150 mm
Dekor firmy Pfleiderer DĄB KARMEL R20365 w klasycznej odsłonie i ciepłym, miodowym kolorze drewna
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Fragment of the décor 1000 x 1270 mm
The décor appears in the collection:
  • Mood Stories Comfort Collection
  • Mood Stories
Reflection Value NCS RAL
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