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Dedicated surface structure: LN
Lively decoration with walnut design. Elegant, classic colouring which, combined with gold or marble, will perfectly match the glamour style. The decor has a rich flowering and clear planking and the modern drawing lends it authenticity.
Dekor ORZECH R30061 marki Pfleiderer z bogatym ukwieceniem w jasnobrązowym odcieniu drewna
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Fragment of the décor 100 x 150 mm
Klasyczny dekor ORZECH R30061 w truflowym kolorze z rysunkiem orzecha włoskiego, pasuje do stylu glamour - Pfleiderer
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Fragment of the décor 1000 x 1270 mm
The décor appears in the collection:
  • Mood Stories Comfort Collection
  • Mood Stories
Reflection Value NCS RAL
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