The all-rounder among direct-faced wood-based panels

Raw particleboards are the contemporary alternative to solid wood. They are lighter, better to work and have constant properties. With its chipboard range, Pfleiderer offers high-quality core solutions for all kinds of different requirements. Raw particleboards also offer benefits for the environment. This is mainly apparent with regard to their sustainability aspects. Chipboards or particleboards are made from wood chips, wood by-products or other renewable raw materials. On request, they are PEFCTM or FSC® certified (licence code: FSC-C018711).

Particleboard - economic, ecological and durable.

  • furniture production of various types of furniture including upholstered furniture
  • base material for countertops, windowsills, panels
  • insulation material for dry rooms
  • etc.

Furniture base and much more

  • ecological and economical material for furniture production
  • alternative to solid wood
  • easy application of even decorative surfaces
  • easy to process
  • variety of properties to suit room requirements