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Duropal XTreme plus

Decorative high pressure laminate in standard quality based on EN 438-3:HGS/VGS, with robust, electron beam cured surface and sanded reverse. Duropal XTreme plus is an attractive supermatt surface material with an anti-fingerprint effect, which is ideal for horizontal, heavily used surfaces.

FSC certificate
PEFC certified
  • Na grafice została umieszczona ikona drzwi, która wskazuje obszar zastosowania produktów marki Pfleiderer


  • Ikona komody widoczna w produktach Pfleiderer z obszaru zastosowania meblarstwo i wykończenie wnętrz

    Furniture construction & interior fitting

  • Ikona przekreślonej dłoni ze wskazującym palcem, która oznacza właściwości ochronne przed odciskami palców - Pfleiderer


  • Ikona obrazuje trzy przekreślone mikroby, przedstawiające właściwości antybakteryjne produktów firmy Pfleiderer


  • Easy care

  • Grafika przedstawia ikonę diamentu umieszczoną nad prostokątem, obrazuje produkty marki Pfleiderer odporne na zadrapania

    Improved scratch resistance

  • Ikona kieliszka do wina oraz widelca, reprezentująca powierzchnie produktów Pfleiderer, które mogą mieć kontakt z żywnością

    Suitable for contact with food


    • Please respect the recommendations of BLFA ( an ICDLI ( for the processing of high pressure laminates.
    • For the production of flat-bonded panels we recommend a symmetric construction. This means both sides should be identical HPL. If backing material (also HPL) is used, there is a risk of bowing.
    • Sufficient conditioning is required prior to installation and assembly. The premises themselves need to be at the normal climatic conditions in which the material will later be used.
    • Especially for large applications, we recommend paying attention to the colour and texture unifomity of the boards and cut products used when further processing and installing and that the production direction is taken into account.
    • We recommend carrying out your own tests depending on the respective application and material requirement.

    Storage, handling and transport

    • The material must be stored flat, level and horizontal on clean surfaces at normal climatic conditions (Temperature 18–25 °C, relative humidity 50–65 %).
    • Protect from moisture and wet conditions.
    • Avoid direct exposure to heat and any possible dehydration of the surfaces by light- or heat radiation or by air currents from heating- or air conditioning systems.
    • Avoid exposure to direct sunshine or UV rays, especially of products covered in film.
    • The stack must be weighed-down with a cover panel.
    • These storage conditions must continue to be ensured after removing panels from the stack.
    • Vertical storage is not recommended.
    • Please note that incorrect storage, regardless of its duration, may cause irreversible distortion to the sheets.
    • Foreign bodies or impurities in the pallet of sheets can lead to impressions and damage to the surface of the board.
    • Sheets / boards must not be moved against each other ; they should be moved individually by hand or with suction equipment.
    • Ensure that sufficiently large and sturdy bases, e.g. pallets, are used for the transportation of stacked sheets. The sheets on the pallet must be secured against slipping.
    • To protect the high-quality surface Pfleiderer delivers Duropal XTreme plus with a protective foil.

    Health and safety

    • Please wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when processing and handling.
    • Provide adequate extraction when splitting/sanding.

    Cleaning and care

    • The surface can be cleaned with water and gentle cleaning agents. To remove stubborn stains, please observe the recommendations in the data sheet "Cleaning of HPL surfaces" (
    • For further information, please refer to our "Duropal XTreme / Duropal XTreme plus" use and cleaning recommendation.

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