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Worktop backsplash P2

Worktop backsplash made of chipboard according to EN 312 It protects the space between the worktop and the top cabinets, protecting it from soiling and at the same time it is a perfect decorative accent. Available in two variants: with decorative laminate on both sides in the storage collection and with decorative laminate on one side in the production variant, where HPL is used on the back side is counteracting

FSC certificate
PEFC certified
  • Ikona komody widoczna w produktach Pfleiderer z obszaru zastosowania meblarstwo i wykończenie wnętrz

    Furniture construction & interior fitting

  • Na grafice znajduje się ikona przedstawiającą cztery strzałki odwrócone od siebie i wskazujące różne kierunki - Pfleiderer

    Direction-free application

  • Czarna ikonka na białym tle, przedstawia piłę tarczową, symbol produktów firmy Pfleiderer wyróżniających się łatwą obróbką

    Easy to use and machine

  • Easy care

  • Ikona kieliszka do wina oraz widelca, reprezentująca powierzchnie produktów Pfleiderer, które mogą mieć kontakt z żywnością

    Suitable for contact with food

  • Ikona rozłożonego wachlarza obrazuje właściwości produktów Pfleiderer oznaczająca różnorodność dekorów i struktur

    Variety of decors and textures

Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Textures
4100 600 11 BR | FG | HS | MN | MO | MP | MS | NY | RT | SC | SD | TC | VV | XM | QR


    • Tooling with carbide blades on standard woodworking machines.                                                                                                  Edge treatment                                                                                                   
    • Protect the cut edges from moisture.                                                                                                       Installation and assembly                                                                                                            
    • Before machining and assembly, appropriate conditioning is required. In the rooms themselves, conditions corresponding to those of subsequent use must be provided.
    • Always ensure that the correct machining and installation is carried out according to the state of the art.                                                                                                

    Storage, treatment and transport                                                                                                             

    • On flat, full-surface primers (e.g. pallets), in dry, well-ventilated, moisture-protected rooms. Outdoor warehouses and so-called shelters are not suitable for this purpose.
    • It should be remembered that improper storage, regardless of its duration, may cause irreversible warping of the boards.
    • Foreign bodies and frictional contaminants in the panel stack can cause dents and surface damage.
    • Do not push the boards together or overlap them; lift them individually, by hand or with suction cups.                                                                                             

    Health and safety and health protection                                                                                                               

    • Use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) required for each job.                                                                                                                                                              Cleaning and maintenance                                                                                                          

    The surface can be cleaned with water and mild cleaning agents. When removing stubborn dirt, follow the instructions in the "Cleaning of HPL surfaces" technical manual (                                                 Disposal                                                                               

    • It is recommended to dispose of material or energy.                                                                                                                

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